Thursday, February 18, 2010

a beautiful shoe collection

for anyone on the fence about ordering from sweetsoles i can say not only are the shoes excellent quality but heather has super fast shipping AND she reimbursed me shipping on a pair of shoes i meant to order with a previous order! i think im addicted to these beautiful shoes!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hurry up mini boden....

today it was 70 degrees out and it was so nice! i had an appointment in the morning then we played at mc donalds for awhile, afterwards we went and did a little grocery shopping, payton looks forward to the free sprinkle cookies. this is not the outfit payters wore today but i wanted to post it because she is so cute in this!! anyway no real great stuff to post about, it was a pretty average day, im hoping to get the kids down early so i can have some quiet time, im having a major headache today! UGH! ive actually had it since the grocery store!! daddy is reading books to the kids tonite thank god!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy chocolate day!!

happy valentines day!! you would think i would have dressed up payton in a cute little valentine outfit and taken pics, but i honestly havent had the time to think about holidays, they seem to creep up on me then all of a sudden i seem to be totally unprepared. i did go to tarjay yesterday and get the stuff for valentine cupcakes and chocolates for the kids but i felt guilty that i did it at the last minute and i hadnt planned anything else, oh well theres easter, i guess i better start planning now so i can be fully prepared ;) at least the box of chocolates were perfect for payton, i had to snap a pic so i could at least remember this day and how payton had her chocolates for breakfast and sampeled each one supprised at how there was a different center inside each one! amazing, how did they do that?!! taste this one mommy its yummy! i guess i shouldnt feel too guilty, especially since her valentines day was a happy chocolate day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the blog that was neglected..

i havent blogged in over a week and i didnt want to get so far behind because i am constantly keeping a mental catalog of things i want to put here, so if i dont do it every couple days i feel behind! i know im ocd, its ok its the way i roll. anyway first off payton seemed calm and happy the morning she came out with her panda backpack on and announced, "i have a gun in my backpack, and im going to shoot the boy that spit in collyn's eye" i know what you are thinking, but seriously it was a nerf gun! i had to explain that just because someone makes you mad you cant go around shooting people! she said ok mom. im sure this isnt a sign of a future problem, i mean really she just wants to protect her big brother! speaking of future problems though i think shopping at costco with mom and dad is out from now on. we had a hard time shopping whith her this time! she didnt want to sit in the basket, cried a few times, wanted to hold daddy's hand, didnt wanna walk, wanted to walk, it was kind of exhausting! i guess from now on she stays at home with big brother and big sissy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

we have been enjoying the park alot this week with our beautiful weather! we even had a picnic on sunday we had kyler this weekend so it was nice! payton loves the park, she loves her bubbles and her tricycle, i think we need a new trike though since the wheel lost the tread and now its just a piece of plastic rolling her around. i found a great pink trike just for payton on amazon, so hopefully soon i will be ordering that! speaking of ordering i need to order some shoes, i just sold almost every pair of shoes payton owns, mainly because she has outgrown all of them, and yeah they are all the same size! im having a really hard time deciding what to get, i for sure want some red, white and pink coco jumbo's, and i have some morgan and milo tennies in my cart except they are brown and im thinking are they even gonna match anything?! maybe i should just stick with good old converse? i dunno my heart is set on the m&m's! anyway is a major desicion choosing the shoes my 3 year old will galavant around in. i know i have some issues!! shoes are important though...right??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tahitian sunrise

i am in love with this outfit from momi boutique! rachel does amazing work and i have added a feed to her shop on my blog because youve gotta check out her wonderful creations!! these colors are so yummy and scream summer to me, i am ready for summer right now! i cant wait to break out the little sun dresses and shorts, and hopefully soon adding some momi boutique to our wardrobe!

Monday, February 1, 2010

my favorite bows ever!

these bows are fabulous arent they?!! these are from polka dotty bows on etsy, colette does the best bows i have ever seen! i have bought sevral from her and i was amazed at how perfect they were! its hard not to get addicted to these bows, im already planning what i want next!!