Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Payton Grace!!

happy birthday to my sweet 4 year old girl! i cant believe she is 4 already! it makes me so sad because im not ready for her to grow up, i know too well how fast it goes, and no matter how much i want her to stay little it isnt going to happen, so all i can do is enjoy her to the fullest! i think im going to die when she goes to kindy next year, ill be the mom hanging on the fence crying while she runs to play with her friends not even noticing im there, ill be waving frantically yelling bye honey and she wont hear me, ill be trying to get her attention and she'll be laughing running and having a great time with her new friends, yes im one of those moms!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

its been awhile!

its been quite awhile since ive blogged here, and im feeling kind of bad for not even taking pics on easter or mothers day and posting here, i just get so lazy about the holiday thing, or maybe im just burnt out? speaking of being burnt out little miss is supposed to be in bed and shes rubbing her eyes saying i need a glass of water, sure you do, you always need water when its bedtime! she knows how to con me everytime! i hope she goes to sleep soon because i want to get up early and take her to the park tomorrow, the weather has been warm and i have finally packed up all her winter clothing, it took me a week to remove all stains and get everything ironed out and folded into neat little stacks seperated by lines, this time im sending it to a trading assistant, i dont think i have it in me to list that much this time around, so im gonna give this a shot! i sure hope she makes more money than i do on my stuff! so on another note......... i need to save my money for some of the newest janie and jack line ohhhhhhhhhh its cute!! i just love the oranges, and the patchwork, i gotta get me some of that! i mean i need some for payton of corse!!!