Friday, January 14, 2011

this blog is being neglected

i feel terrible forgetting to do this because i know someday im gonna want to look back on this blog and go oh yeah i remember that pic or i remember that time, but instead ill say jeez why didnt i take the time to write about christmas or thanksgiving? so ill start with the most recent holiday which was christmas, we had a really good christmas other than the fact hubby had to work, he spent the morning with us unwrapping presents, listening to christmas music and helping me make a wonderful breakfast! nana came over and we ate french toast bake, bacon, sausage pinwheels , and mimosas. our morning was probably the most magical christmas i can remember having, everyone got what they wanted, everyone was happy, calm content, and the best part about it was the big flat screen i got hubby as his gift and then watching toy story 3 on it! well that tv is awesome but come to find out i can get the same brand same size for half the price im paying through rent a center, yep i love to get taken, its just not me to not! insert eye roll here. moving on to a happier topic payton LOVED her 2 lalaloopsy dolls, her rocker and pottery barn doll sophie and sophies sleeping bag, as well as the cheesy disney princess set which supprisingly hasnt broken yet! my only regret is i dont feel like i took enough pictures, ah well theres always next year right?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

its finally colling off!

its cold outside right now! i went to pick preston up from youth group and almost grabbed a sweatshirt! today was so beautiful, i think we will actually be wearing pants soon, im ready to break out the ruffles i have stashed away for payton and my boys have 2 giant sized bins in the garage stuffed with winter clothes, its great the boys can pass stuff down to each other! i have a gap sweatshirt i bought kyler when he was around 7 or so and this year (7 years and 2 kids later) collyn will be able to wear it, the great thing is it looks like new still, even after a gazillion washings. so i guess i got my moneys worth out of that sweater along with so many other pieces of clothing i have been able to save and pass down. i guess sometimes it pays off just a little to be clothing obsessed, yes i admit i am and i dont care who knows it! speaking of awesome trading assistant is selling off paytons 09 fall/winter stash everytime i go back something else has sold, im like dang what a great job she did with those auctions! anyway back to reality....i have pneumonia and im feeling pretty crappy, but the dr. i have is so nice and she gave me some great stuff to take tonight! ohhh yeah!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

preschool girl

payton started preschool today! she seemed to have alot of fun and made some friends already! i cant believe my baby is in preschool! she looked so cute today in her matilda jane phoney knot top, gap capri's and pink chucks! i put her hair in little braids and they looked so sweet! i am so glad she is going to preschool i think she will have so much fun this year, i also plan to voulenteer a lot so i wont miss her so much.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

xoxotova etsy shop goodies

look at these yummy goodies tanya is making us! the moment i saw her shop on etsy i knew i had to have some of these! i stalked her shop for months drooling at her creations and dying to place an order, so finally i did! i cant wait to get our flowers and sugar clips, now arent these the most fun clips youve ever seen?! tanya is super nice to work with and she will make any m2m flower you need, she is my new favorite! thanks tanya, you rock!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

im failing to blog the most important moments of life

i should make this a bigger priority but with 5 kids im spread so thin and it seems like im constantly busy. i recently watched a movie called motherhood and it was so hilarious and i was able to relate w/ it completly. anyway payton and i were swimming yesterday and i was swimming toward her pretending to be a shark and she was screaming and laughing but she got a little overwhelmed and said wait mom, pause, so everytime she wanted to stop she said pause which i thought was really cute, where did that come from anyway?