Monday, March 15, 2010

lazy days

today was one of those days. the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and i sat in the sun while payton ran around squealing, she was fully enjoying the weather too. armed with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and bouncy balls we spent most of the day playing outside. i heard the doorbell ring, so i ran to the door thinking i got my package with my new dresses and payton kept asking if it was for her? no its for mommy! she seemed truly dissapointed the package wasnt for her, but when i opened it up to my supprise it was popsicles!! she squealed seeing it was for her, and im thinking man i wanted my stuff!! anyway so we immedietly tried on a swimsuit which she decided she was going to wear right now! i decided to go ahead and let her since it was hot enough, i got out the sunblock but i think her little cheeks got a slightly sunburnt anyway! she was happy enough sitting in the dirt singing with her new popsicle swimsuit on. life is good.