Thursday, January 21, 2010

miss sassy pants

we got a few things in the mail today so i decided to have payton try them on and her very sassy personality came oozing out, there were so many hand on hip, side mouth position poses it was hard to pick a favorite, i think this tounge sticking out is one is pretty funny so i chose to post it. i love having a 3 year old, i cant even imagine my life with out this beautiful, full of life little girl. every single day is filled with so much joy!! i wish she could stay 3 forever, my stephanie will be 18 soon and cant wait to move out on her own! time goes by so quickly you have to enjoy every moment, from our cuddles on the couch while i have my coffee every morning, to playing at the park, peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches on the porch and reading books at night, when i say i thank god every single day for my kids i mean it! there are women on this earth who cant have children and for some reason i was blessed with 5 precious gifts. payton is the light of my life, the apple of my eye as are all my children im especially enjoying these last years before she goes off to school. before you know it she will be getting her lisence and talking about college, i hope that time goes by very slowly so i can savor those precious moments♥

Sunday, January 17, 2010

whoever thought a little girl could love dirt and mud so much? payton is definatly a tomboy! she loves soccer, baseball, and she uses her plastic bat to hit her soccer ball and says mommy come play socca ball with me! when i hit the ball she yells goallllllllllllllll! im so ready for summer because id want to get the kids out of the house and off the video games! last night i caught payton sitting on the top bunk last night playing the DSI i said what are you doing? she said "oh just playing a game" yep she needs to get out and play! fred suggested we get waterpark passes this year again, but do i really want to drive to palm springs 4x a week and bake in 120 degree weather? the thought scares me, even though we have done it 2 summers in a row, i guess we'll see!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

its a nice sunny day!

when payton wakes me up she says, mommy its a nice sunny day! it could be raining out and to her its a nice sunny day, because she wants to go outside, well today it really was a nice sunny day! it must have been mid 70's because i took my sweater off and went into the shade. i had my parents mag, boden catalogue, and a hanna anderson one to read while she played. we didnt stay long because she got thirsty so i said lets go get a slurpee! she was really excited about getting a slurpee, i dont know why shes never had one before!! funny because she said she wanted blue and they just happen to have blue. i took a little sip to taste the flavor and i cant believe how sugary it was! i guess i forgot why i loved them as a kid. i sure hope the weather is as beautiful tomorrow, i think we we go again tomorrow♥

let the fun begin

isnt this dress cute?! it was my favorite last summer and now its time to pass it along to another little girl as well as a cute little sunflower dress!! payton hopes her friends are excited!! becca & payton ♥

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

big girl bed!!

payton is so happy to have a big girl bed now, we took the crib down last weekend and it was kind of bittersweet, my baby is no longer a baby, she is a big girl now! we had to get her the dora comforter so she would agree to sleep in her bed, so far three nights in a row she has! last night was the first night she didnt come into my bed in the middle of the night! this could be good!! daddy and i took her to breakfast this morning and payton happily chatted away with the woman that sat across from us, she said my name is payton and pointed to fred and said and this is my friend daddy, and my friend mommy, i had to laugh because it was so cute!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

so annoyed!

i have to get on ebay and buy a usb cable for my camera if i want to upload pics because the memory card dosent fit into the usb port even with the adapter, so who knows how long thats gonna take! anyway i got pics of payton hugging her crib we took down last nite, goodbye crib, hello big girl bed!! im hoping she will actually sleep in this new bed, one can only hope. we went to walmart yesterday and got her play makeup because apparently she needed some! she put alot on her face and asked if she looked pretty, i told her yes you look lovely! i didnt realize she would start asking for makeup at such a young age, what a diva!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


i will be doing a giveaway in the next few days i have to think of something wonderful first and get my camera situation in order! anyway it should be fun and intresting♥ stay tuned!

christmas is over!

im sort of relieved christmas is over, but a little sad too. i love all the cooking, having friends and family over and the lights, the music, all of it except the stress of buying gifts for 5 kids. well i pulled it off thankfully! miss payton got a little people dnace and twirl castle she LOVES little people! she has about 20 of them and she will dump her entire toy box out to find them all, she sits there and will actually throw toys over her shoulder i almost got hit by a bouncy ball tonite! jeez! she can be so agressive sometimes! she reminds me so much of my older daughter, so bossy and independent. she told her dad tonite, dad get me chocolate milk! i said that is not how we ask for something, we say may i please have chocolate milk? notice how when we become a mother we refer to ourselves in the third person? mommy dosent want you to say that, uh ok then im an official weirdo.