Sunday, January 17, 2010

whoever thought a little girl could love dirt and mud so much? payton is definatly a tomboy! she loves soccer, baseball, and she uses her plastic bat to hit her soccer ball and says mommy come play socca ball with me! when i hit the ball she yells goallllllllllllllll! im so ready for summer because id want to get the kids out of the house and off the video games! last night i caught payton sitting on the top bunk last night playing the DSI i said what are you doing? she said "oh just playing a game" yep she needs to get out and play! fred suggested we get waterpark passes this year again, but do i really want to drive to palm springs 4x a week and bake in 120 degree weather? the thought scares me, even though we have done it 2 summers in a row, i guess we'll see!!

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