Thursday, January 7, 2010

christmas is over!

im sort of relieved christmas is over, but a little sad too. i love all the cooking, having friends and family over and the lights, the music, all of it except the stress of buying gifts for 5 kids. well i pulled it off thankfully! miss payton got a little people dnace and twirl castle she LOVES little people! she has about 20 of them and she will dump her entire toy box out to find them all, she sits there and will actually throw toys over her shoulder i almost got hit by a bouncy ball tonite! jeez! she can be so agressive sometimes! she reminds me so much of my older daughter, so bossy and independent. she told her dad tonite, dad get me chocolate milk! i said that is not how we ask for something, we say may i please have chocolate milk? notice how when we become a mother we refer to ourselves in the third person? mommy dosent want you to say that, uh ok then im an official weirdo.

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