Friday, January 14, 2011

this blog is being neglected

i feel terrible forgetting to do this because i know someday im gonna want to look back on this blog and go oh yeah i remember that pic or i remember that time, but instead ill say jeez why didnt i take the time to write about christmas or thanksgiving? so ill start with the most recent holiday which was christmas, we had a really good christmas other than the fact hubby had to work, he spent the morning with us unwrapping presents, listening to christmas music and helping me make a wonderful breakfast! nana came over and we ate french toast bake, bacon, sausage pinwheels , and mimosas. our morning was probably the most magical christmas i can remember having, everyone got what they wanted, everyone was happy, calm content, and the best part about it was the big flat screen i got hubby as his gift and then watching toy story 3 on it! well that tv is awesome but come to find out i can get the same brand same size for half the price im paying through rent a center, yep i love to get taken, its just not me to not! insert eye roll here. moving on to a happier topic payton LOVED her 2 lalaloopsy dolls, her rocker and pottery barn doll sophie and sophies sleeping bag, as well as the cheesy disney princess set which supprisingly hasnt broken yet! my only regret is i dont feel like i took enough pictures, ah well theres always next year right?