Wednesday, September 8, 2010

its finally colling off!

its cold outside right now! i went to pick preston up from youth group and almost grabbed a sweatshirt! today was so beautiful, i think we will actually be wearing pants soon, im ready to break out the ruffles i have stashed away for payton and my boys have 2 giant sized bins in the garage stuffed with winter clothes, its great the boys can pass stuff down to each other! i have a gap sweatshirt i bought kyler when he was around 7 or so and this year (7 years and 2 kids later) collyn will be able to wear it, the great thing is it looks like new still, even after a gazillion washings. so i guess i got my moneys worth out of that sweater along with so many other pieces of clothing i have been able to save and pass down. i guess sometimes it pays off just a little to be clothing obsessed, yes i admit i am and i dont care who knows it! speaking of awesome trading assistant is selling off paytons 09 fall/winter stash everytime i go back something else has sold, im like dang what a great job she did with those auctions! anyway back to reality....i have pneumonia and im feeling pretty crappy, but the dr. i have is so nice and she gave me some great stuff to take tonight! ohhh yeah!