Wednesday, January 13, 2010

its a nice sunny day!

when payton wakes me up she says, mommy its a nice sunny day! it could be raining out and to her its a nice sunny day, because she wants to go outside, well today it really was a nice sunny day! it must have been mid 70's because i took my sweater off and went into the shade. i had my parents mag, boden catalogue, and a hanna anderson one to read while she played. we didnt stay long because she got thirsty so i said lets go get a slurpee! she was really excited about getting a slurpee, i dont know why shes never had one before!! funny because she said she wanted blue and they just happen to have blue. i took a little sip to taste the flavor and i cant believe how sugary it was! i guess i forgot why i loved them as a kid. i sure hope the weather is as beautiful tomorrow, i think we we go again tomorrow♥


  1. It's fun to just let them be a kid and indulge a little isn't it? Sometimes I say forget the diet and eat something sugary too :)

  2. Yum, that sounds good! She looks like she has a blast playing outside, I wish we had your weather.. It was a warm 32 degrees today.. I didn't even wear my coat :P (erinnoie on GF)

  3. Too cute! Sierra wakes me up telling me to go her food, lol. I miss the the gorgeous weather you guys are enjoying right now. And man, now I want a slurpee! Hope the weather is great for you tomorrow so you two can have fun again tomorrow.