Saturday, February 13, 2010

the blog that was neglected..

i havent blogged in over a week and i didnt want to get so far behind because i am constantly keeping a mental catalog of things i want to put here, so if i dont do it every couple days i feel behind! i know im ocd, its ok its the way i roll. anyway first off payton seemed calm and happy the morning she came out with her panda backpack on and announced, "i have a gun in my backpack, and im going to shoot the boy that spit in collyn's eye" i know what you are thinking, but seriously it was a nerf gun! i had to explain that just because someone makes you mad you cant go around shooting people! she said ok mom. im sure this isnt a sign of a future problem, i mean really she just wants to protect her big brother! speaking of future problems though i think shopping at costco with mom and dad is out from now on. we had a hard time shopping whith her this time! she didnt want to sit in the basket, cried a few times, wanted to hold daddy's hand, didnt wanna walk, wanted to walk, it was kind of exhausting! i guess from now on she stays at home with big brother and big sissy!

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