Wednesday, February 3, 2010

we have been enjoying the park alot this week with our beautiful weather! we even had a picnic on sunday we had kyler this weekend so it was nice! payton loves the park, she loves her bubbles and her tricycle, i think we need a new trike though since the wheel lost the tread and now its just a piece of plastic rolling her around. i found a great pink trike just for payton on amazon, so hopefully soon i will be ordering that! speaking of ordering i need to order some shoes, i just sold almost every pair of shoes payton owns, mainly because she has outgrown all of them, and yeah they are all the same size! im having a really hard time deciding what to get, i for sure want some red, white and pink coco jumbo's, and i have some morgan and milo tennies in my cart except they are brown and im thinking are they even gonna match anything?! maybe i should just stick with good old converse? i dunno my heart is set on the m&m's! anyway is a major desicion choosing the shoes my 3 year old will galavant around in. i know i have some issues!! shoes are important though...right??

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